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I will be performing FMS screens in my office beginning in February.  These screens will occur on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings during office hours.  If these hours will not work, you can call to schedule a different time.  For more information on the FMS screen, you can call the office or check out   This service will be at no charge.


“We are generations away from lifestyles and a proper movement base that can handle an increase in activity load” Gray Cook.  With this said, the current movement is to get fit, loose weight and be active.  Maybe this statement is the reason why the process of getting fit is causing issues that cause you to stop and revert to old ways.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a 10 minute screen and is comprised of 7 movements and is not a medical diagnostic test.  It is strictly used as a guide/tool to make a person aware of movement dysfunctions and how current/future activities could lead to an increase chance of injury or a decreased performance.  Again this is not a diagnostic tool used for treatment of ailments.  The results of the screen can only be used as a general guideline for future exercise/activity limits and outcomes.

The FMS is used to assess functional movement patterns while a patient is PAIN FREE.  If you are experiencing pain at this time the screen cannot be performed and it is recommended that you seek the advice of a health care professional for a complete evaluation of your pain.  With the movement systems approach another set of tests, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, will further evaluate and treat painful areas.

The FMS is designed as a way to determine how your body is participating in basic fundamental movement patterns.  Fundamental movements are not sports specific, they are human specific and are the foundation for proper functional human movement.  When these fundamental movement patterns are altered/dysfunctional the body is more prone to injury and overall maximal performance is decreased.

This screen is designed as a tool to assess a person’s ability to exercise and gives insight into the chances of activity related injury.  It is used on normal, fit and pain free individuals who wish to exercise or increase activities for a health benefit.  It focuses on movement patterns, flexibility and motor control (stability).

It is also important to know that exercise alone cannot correct or help a person if other bad lifestyle choices are in the way, ie…. Posture, diet, etc.

About our Chiropractic Center

Hartley Chiropractic has been treating patients since June 2009 and with the recent move to Dr. Klingensmiths office we look to expand and continue our services in Yeagertown.  Once again I can't thank Dr. Klingensmith enough for his kindness in opening his office to me.  I also thank all patients for their trust over the years and I will continue to work hard to provide the best care possible.  Appointments can still be made by calling or texting 717-667-6640.

I will be working with a new massage therapist at Dr. Klingensmiths office.  For appointments contact Nicole directly.

Nicole Kline, LMT





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Dr. Chris M. Harltey grew up in Lewistown, PA and was a 1995 graduate of Indian Valley High School. He graduated from Lock Haven University in 1999 with a Bachleors Degree in Biology, then graduated with a doctorate in Chiropractic in 2003 as Salutatorian with certificates in clinical anatomy, radiology, and rehabilitation.

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