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Health Care – Who’s in Charge?

With the rapid rise of health care costs today and an unstable economy health care has become a major concern for many individuals. Many questions arise over the best insurance coverage, deductibles, higher copays and an overall decrease in coverage. One thing with all these questions and concerns is that we forget the simple fact that we are in charge of our own health and that means health care costs from your pocket. Good health / health care begins and ends with each individuals choices and daily habits.

One of chiropractics main principles is that health comes from with in. our body operates and functions properly on its own if it is properly cared for. The problems stem from what we give our bodies to work with. If we give our bodies nothing good to work with and abuse it on a daily basis our body responds with symptoms in return… pain, disease, illness, ect..

Take a minute to review this checklist:

  1. Healthy diet and eating habits (fruits, vegetables, lean meats, limit sugars)
  2. Daily stretching (2-3 times a day)
  3. Daily activity (20 plus minutes of bringing up your blood pressure and heart rate)
  4. Postural assessment
  5. Repetitive movements
  6. Prolonged static positions

The first one above affects your whole entire body, we are what we eat and our body expresses itself by using the building blocks we provide. Today there is an enormous amount of research that shows links between poor diet and many of the diseases that our society faces.

Numbers 2 -6 relate to our bodies musculo-skeletal system and not system, not maintained properly, can lead to many aches and pains through out our life time. Our office is focused on addressing all of these issues above. Although this can not be addressed with every visit due to time constraints, and the fact that most people enter our office with pain and at that point our main focus is to remove this problem. After the pain has subsided think about scheduling a visit to address the issues of diet, exercise and stretching routine to focus on prevention of problems in the future. Focusing on preventative care is the easiest way to decrease your overall health care costs and increase your chances of a healthier life.

Although nothing can completely prevent disease and illness the more healthy and properly functioning your body is the better chance it has to heal when needed. So, think about a maintenance visit to talk about the impact that lifestyle changes can have on your overall health.


(717) 667-6640